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If your business is looking to hire and SEO agency in the Charlotte, NC area then please speak with us!  Simply put, you won’t find a search engine optimization company in this region with more experience than us.

Where we came from

Net Focus Media was formed in 2014 to provide consulting services to Amazon sellers.  We saw ranking product listing pages on Amazon as the “new SEO” in many ways.  But we have plenty of experience with traditional SEO as well.  Prior to forming Net Focus Media, our agency owner spent 10+ years running a top local Charlotte SEO firm (“Ephricon”) before selling that agency in 2013.  He grew this search engine optimization company from scratch to multi-million dollar agency with about 15 employees managing over 60 client accounts.  While the agency itself did great as a business, the real pride is in the stellar results it produced for its clients.  Its those relationships and the ability to make a real difference for small businesses by filling their sales pipeline that we missed.  So as of August of 2017 we’re now offering SEO and online lead generation services as well.

But its not exactly “round 2” this time…

While we’re proud of the agency that predates Net Focus Media, our vision this time around is not simply to build the same thing again.  After all, a lot has changed with SEO in the past few years.  And while we only recently started offering SEO services again (due to a non-compete that has now expired), we’ve been active in the space and stayed sharp by running SEO campaigns for our own web properties.  What it takes to win in today’s environment is a bit different than five or ten years ago.  As such, we’re looking to run high-touch, aggressive, full-scope campaigns but for only a few clients who are the right match for our agency.  If you are sick of the McDonald’s type approach to SEO that so many large agencies offer then please reach out to us.  At Net Focus Media we run custom campaigns and put our heart and soul into our work.  This means having to limit our client load and being selective with our engagements.

What if we’re not the right match?

Our business model is not about selling as many accounts as possible.  Quite the opposite.  We want a small number of clients who we grow with, and who end up being clients for a very, very long time.  So if we don’t think we can produce fantastic results for your business – for whatever reason – we’ll let you know and then refer you to another firm that might be a better match.  We are on friendly terms with just about every internet marketing agency in the Charlotte region, so our rolodex is thick and we love playing matchmaker between prospects and other agencies when the fit is not right for us.

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