Ranking on Amazon (aka Amazon SEO)

Do you need help ranking your product pages on Amazon?  This is the main challenge for most manufacturers and brands when it comes to selling on Amazon.  They hear stories of distributors who are selling a ton on Amazon right away, but when they add their own products the initial sales are rather unimpressive.  What many don’t tell you is that there’s a huge difference between selling your own products on Amazon and re-selling another brand’s products.

If you are re-selling someone else’s product that is already on Amazon, then the product page may already be ranking and bringing in traffic.  It may already have lots of reviews.  In this case, your challenge is typically more about winning the buy box than it is about getting the product page to rank.  If you can win the buy box (not easy, mostly related to price) then you can generate huge sales volumes virtually overnight.  But to do this profitably, you likely have to have lower cost of goods than most other distributors.

But for manufacturers or brands who are selling their own product which previously had not been listed on Amazon, the challenge is very different.  It’s a question of “how can we rank in Amazon’s search engine”.  It’s a quest to understand how to optimize their product page so that it shows up when people search on “little green widgets” or whatever the applicable keyword is.  This is called Amazon SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and most commonly is associated with getting your company’s website to rank higher in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  But for e-commerce, Amazon has the buyers.  So optimizing to rank higher in Amazon’s search engine is the key to getting traffic to your product listing page and selling more volume.  This is where we can help.

Lucky for you, before he ever ventured into the world of Amazon marketing, our founder spent more than 10 years building and growing a search engine optimization agency that focused exclusively on helping companies improve how their websites ranked in Google and other search engines.  This gives us a unique skill set and competency when it comes to ranking in Amazon.  After all, Amazon’s primary method of navigation is search.  That’s how most shoppers will find (or not find) your products.  Our background in understanding how search engines work – and how to optimize in order to best position your business in those search engines – makes all the difference.  We are Amazon search engine optimization consultants with a broad and deep understanding of both search engines and Amazon business in general.

Want to learn more about the different factors that Amazon uses to determine which products rank?  Here’s a hint… it’s not just about the reviews.  Go and do a few searches for yourself and you’ll see that a product with fewer reviews can outrank one with many.  The truth is their are many different factors – and some that are much more important than others.  We can help you make sense of it and leverage these factors to rank your products at the top of Amazon’s search results.  Better yet, we can do all the work for you.  Ready to chat?  Just contact us here and we’ll schedule a time to talk.


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