Amazon Conversion Optimization

Getting more visitors to your Amazon product listing pages is wonderful - be it through organic search rankings or paid advertising.  But traffic only matters to the extent that it converts into sales.  Hence our obsession with conversion optimization within Amazon.

Conversion Optimization for Amazon Product Listing Pages

Did you know: A "good" conversion rate for an e-commerce website might be 3% to 5%. But on Amazon, conversion rates of 30% and even 50% are not uncommon. So your bar should be much higher on Amazon than on other marketplaces or digital sales channels when considering conversion rates.

Here are a few ways we'll help to improve your conversion rates:

  • Optimizing Product Listings
    • Category/Subcategory Selection
    • Copywriting for Features/Benefits and Product Description
    • Photography
    • Creating Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
    • Question & Answer Management
    • Review Management - proactively prevent potential negative reviews, resolve issues to improve negative reviews, seek out additional reviews
  • A/B Testing of Copy, Photos, Bullets, Price, EBC, etc.
  • Optimize Ads/Keywords within Amazon PPC Campaigns

But it's not just about the Product Listing page...

A good product listing page is essential if you want to maximize conversions. But its not the only thing. The type of traffic that comes to your page matters too - who the visitor is, what they are looking for, etc. As Amazon is primarily a search-driven marketplace, we target visitors primarily by targeting different search keywords. For example, if you compare the keywords "cheap widgets" versus "best widgets", we can safely assume that a high-end product (with matching price point) would convert visitors who search on "best widgets" more effectively than a cheap, low-end product - and visa versa. There is an almost-infinite number of keywords for any given product - including all sorts of modifiers that give us this type of insight. Simply put - identifying and ranking for the right keywords matters. If you rank for lesser-relevant keywords, not only will your product not convert as well but it will quickly fall in rankings for those keywords as well.

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