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Amazon-Exclusive Distributor Services:  We’ll Sell Your Products on Amazon For You

Want to sell your brand on Amazon but don’t have the time or interest in learning and managing the platform?

Or maybe your brand is already sold on Amazon by distributors but you are frustrated with the lack on control: ensuring on-brand photography, copy, pricing, customer service, etc.

Whatever the case, Net Focus Media offers a hands-off, full-service option for brands who want to sell more effectively on Amazon.  We call it our “Exclusive Amazon Distributor” service.

How it works:

  1. We buy your products from you, at wholesale.
  2. We prep and ship the products to Amazon.
  3. We ensure all pricing, photos, messaging, etc. is “on-brand” per your specs.
  4. We handle all marketing, optimization, advertising, etc. at our expense.
  5. Customers buy your products on, through our seller account.
  6. We handle all customer service, returns/replacements, and post-sale support.
  7. You get paid based on our wholesale orders, and all the risk is on us.

With this service, its our job to make sure your brand is well-represented on Amazon and is consistent with your off-Amazon presence.  And then we’ll handle every detail of driving sales through Amazon – from shipping inventory in to FBA, to running advertisements, promotions and optimizing the listings, right through to customer service and handling returns.

What’s the Catch?

You probably are expecting us to say there is no catch, but alas, there is a catch!  We’ll make sure your brand is represented according to your specs, we’ll handle all of the logistics and customer service, and we’ll even make sure your products rank well and convert traffic to sales.  And there is no risk to you as we’ll buy the products wholesale from.

The catch is two-fold:  1) we need great pricing.  If we can’t make our margins work, we’re not interested.  2) We need exclusive status to represent your brand on Amazon.  This means no other distributors will be allowed to sell your brand on Amazon, and we need you to enforce this.  This is the only way we can ensure we have full control over the listings and the overall sales performance.

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