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Amazon Vendor Express ALTERNATIVE

03/13/2018 Today Amazon announced that they are discontinuing their Vendor Express program (references: 1, 2).  This means companies who have been selling on Amazon through the Vendor Express program must now figure out another way to sell on Amazon, or forfeit their...

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Amazon Now Clearly Respecting Trademarks for Brands, Sellers

If you've been selling on Amazon for any significant period of time, you've likely encountered issues related to intellectual property.  This is especially true if you are a manufacturer or brand owner (most of our clients) as opposed to a reseller or distributor....

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How Many Amazon Prime Members Are There? U.S. vs. Worldwide?

Amazon Prime celebrated its 10th birthday on February 2, 2015. That equates to 10 years (almost 11) of unlimited two-day, free shipping on Prime products for many customers. But Amazon’s Prime program is more than just free shipping; prime members in the U.S., Canada,...

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