Our Projects

Net Focus Media, LLC is the parent company to several strong brands.  Check out the blurbs below to learn more about our core projects.

Market Street Supply focuses on selling products primarily through Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer.  Market Street Supply also develops its own brands of top-quality products in several niches, such as the Comfy Clothiers and Modern Industrial brands described below.


Comfy Clothiers is a consumer brand that helps its customers balance the ideas of looking sharp and feeling comfortable.  Products include collar extenders, shirt stays, waist extenders, long shoe horns and other products that help achieve our goal of professional appearance without sacrificing comfort.

Modern Industrial is an e-commerce website that sells a wide range of industrial products in the MRO and Facility Management space.  New product launches include urinal mats and urinal screens.  Core product lines include plumbing supply items such as PVC pipe, PVC fittings and valves as well as HVAC, Electrical and Material Handling products.  Most products are sold directly through Modern Industrial, though the site also offers a service to match interested buyers with third-party distributors of higher-priced and larger items such as heavy machinery that typically one may not wish to purchase solely online.


The Career Project helps young adults and those who are considering a career change to identify types of careers that may be best suited to them, as well as to learn more about these careers through the site’s thousands of personal career profiles.  Each career profile features the honest input of a professional who is actually working in that career, and shares their likes, dislikes, etc. while also outlining their typical day – “what they actually do”.  Once you’ve identified the right career for you, The Career Project can then point you in the right direction for applicable training, education, certifications and more in order to make sure you are as qualified as possible to land a great position in the career of your choice.

The Career Project was started in 2008 by Alicia Schwartz, a young professional who discovered a passion for learning about various careers and helping others to do the same.  Net Focus Media took over operations of The Career Project in 2014 and is expanding the site in 2015, with Alicia serving as a trusted advisor, helping to steer future growth initiatives.