Our Team

Learn more about the Net Focus Media team and each role our team members play in our business.

Jon Payne
President & Lead Consultant
Jon is the founder of Net Focus Media and serves as the chief strategist on all accounts.  He’s an expert with it comes to ranking on Amazon, and he truly enjoys assisting clients with every aspect of their Amazon sales channel.  Prior to getting into marketing on Amazon, Jon created and grew a highly-successful internet marketing agency that focused on SEO – helping clients rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Chris Day
Product Manager
Chris pulls all the strings related to turning a strategic plan into tangible results for our clients.  He keeps our team on-task and on-schedule and serves as the primary day-to-day contact for most of our clients.  Chris came to our team with a wide range of experience managing various internet marketing projects.
Zander Aycock
Digital Marketing Associate
Zander heads up our promotional campaigns for clients as well as for our own products.  This includes product launches, automated email campaigns, paid media, etc.  Zander is a great team player and will also lend a hand with anything from customer service to photo editing and beyond.
Marcus Moonie
Inventory Fulfillment Manager
Marcus manages all of our inventory and fulfillment – basically, the movement of all products coming into and out of our warehouse, as well as how those products are packaged, packed and delivered to our customers. He manages our packaging staff, predicts and orders inventory and also leads up all international shipping too. A man of many talents, Marcus also has a background in videography and helps with both filming and editing as it pertains to our video projects.
Jeremy McDow
Packaging & Shipping
Jeremy works with Marcus and part-time staff to make sure shipments are processed and sent out in a timely manner. He helps assist with additional warehouse operations as well.
Paul Rodman
Packaging & Shipping
Paul handles packaging products and shipping them out the door. He also takes care of micellaneous tasks to help maintain our warehouse and keep it tidy.
Sunny Zgao
Sourcing Agent
Sunny is based in China and serves as our dedicated sourcing agent, identifying manufacturer and working through shipping details for our own product lines, as well as assisting our clients with the same.
Jessie Ensong
Admin Assistant
Jessie is based in the Philippines and serves as an Administrative Assistant. She handles customer support and administrative ecommerce projects.
Everyone Else
We’ve assembled an excellent team of contractors to assist us with other aspects of selling on Amazon.  So when you hire us, you don’t just get our in-house team but you also get to leverage the specialists we’ve assembled in various areas, including:

  • Copywriters
  • Commercial photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Package designers
  • Import/export consultants
  • Freight forwarders
  • And more…