Our History

2003-2013:  Growing an SEO Agency

Net Focus Media was originally created as a side project of Jon Payne, while he was running his first internet marketing agency (from 2003 to 2013). Jon had a strong passion for the type of work his agency did, and enjoyed the variety of work associated with having different clients at an agency. But as most young entrepreneurs, he had a constant supply of new ideas that caught his attention – but with limited time to act on them.

In 2013, Jon’s agency (Ephricon) had grown to about 60 clients, 15 employees and had seen significant revenue growth each year.  It had also established a strong reputation both among clients and in the SEO industry in general.  By any measure, the agency was a success.  This said, Jon realized that what the agency needed from him over the next years to come was more in the way of management and administration, and less in the way of getting “into the weeds” for clients digital marketing campaigns.  In order to both bring on the administration layer the agency needed, and also free him up to get back into actual digital marketing activities, Jon sold Ephricon to Straight North in the summer of 2013.

2014:  From Established Agency to Umbrella Startup

Jon helped to integrate the two agencies for about a year following the merger/acquisition.  Then in the summer of 2014, integration was complete and he left to pursue a collection of other digitally-focused business ideas, all under the Net Focus Media umbrella. The initial projects were planned out, a (very tiny) office space was secured, and we began life as a small startup.

The first year or so we had many different projects including an plumbing supplies e-commerce website, a website helping people research different types of careers, and even a few consulting projects in the marketing automation and email marketing space.  And we also tinkered around with selling products on Amazon.

2015-2016:  Amazon Experts

Each of the different business ideas from 2014 had varying levels of success, but the “Amazon stuff” just exploded and so we quickly focused on it.  At this point it was our own brands we were selling directly to end-users, through Amazon’s 3P program called “Seller Central”.

By the middle of 2015 we began getting approached by others to help them increase sales on Amazon for their businesses, and our consulting division was born.  And thus the creation of the website you are reading right now!

The Amazon consulting practice grew quickly.  It balanced our expertise in selling on Amazon with our background as an agency.  And it offered us the opportunity to reach a more efficient scale and also work with a wider range of product lines than we would have had if we only kept to our own brands.  The growth of our agency necessitated a move in early 2016 to a larger office (its still small), as well as adding additional staff to grow our team.

As for those other projects?  They are still operational today, albeit mostly on the “back burner” while we focus on our Amazon consulting services.

Looking to hire an Amazon consulting firm?  If so, please consider Net Focus Media – we’ve got impressive experience in the space, and we’re playing for long-term wins for our clients.  Want to learn more about us?  Just fill out the form on our contact page.