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Content Marketing Specialist

Location:  Fort Mill, SC (at our office... this is not a remote position)

Compensation & Hours:  Negotiable (DOE)

Description:  Our team here at Net Focus Media runs a handful of niche e-commerce brands.  We do a nice job of merchandising the products and making the "findable" for those who are searching and ready-to-buy.  But we fall short when it comes the "top of funnel" aspects of branding - namely building awareness in the market overall by reaching and engaging potential customers who aren't yet actively looking to buy.  We want to be top-of-mind so they think of us when they are ready to buy products we offer.

That's where you come in.  We need someone to build our audience and engage them in meaningful ways.  Let's take our largest brand, Comfy Clothiers.  This brand is all about "clothing hacks" that help our customers look sharp without sacrificing their comfort or their budget.  But we don't want to just write about our products.  We've already done that.  We're starting a new co-branded blog that will help our potential customers look sharp and feel great.  In some cases that might tie into one of our products, and in many cases it won't.  Our objective with this new blog is to deliver value and build an audience that looks to us for great cost-saving tips about their wardrobe.  Then hopefully our audience will remember that when they are ready to buy a product that we offer.

With this position, we're looking for someone who is comfortable being "the face" of our brand(s).  This means having a certain level of visibility online - as the author of our blog, the host of video series, etc.  If you are camera shy or real introverted, this probably isn't the right position for you.  You'll also be interacting with customers on a daily basis, as well as with partners and of course our in-house team as well.

The primary focus will be our Comfy Clothiers brand.  A secondary focus will be a new arts and crafts supplies brand that we're in the process of launching.  The majority of the workload of this position is content marketing - both creating the content and then distributing/promoting it for maximum exposure.  That said, we're also going to have this position handle all of our customer service for these brands as well.  Don't worry, its not much.  We expect that to be about 20% of the job by volume, but its an important piece as this is the position that interacts directly with our customers.  We believe its important for the person who is serving as the face of the brand to understand both the compliments and complaints of our customers, to help us be authentic and more importantly to help us address any and all shortcomings of our brand and product line.

You don't need to be particularly tech-savvy for this position as we have other team members here who can help with video editing, publishing content online, etc.  That said, you should have at least basic experience with these sorts of things.  Demonstrated experience with blogging, managing social media accounts and otherwise building or growing a brand are all strong pluses.

  • Create Content
    • Written (blog, articles, FAQ's)
      • Scripts for email autoresponders and Facebook Messenger campaigns
    • Video (how-to, tips, interviews)
  • Customer Service
    • Engage with happy customers to generate testimonials, reviews and UGC
    • Fix problems when we mess up - refunds, replacements, apologies, etc.
  • PR & Marketing
    • Plan and execute viral contests and giveaways to build our lists
    • Outreach & Partnerships with top bloggers and social media influencers
    • Guest blogging and link building

To Apply:  To apply for this position, please complete the job application form below.  You must submit a video intro of yourself too to be considered!  You can either upload that where it has the "cover letter" field in the form below, or upload your video somewhere else (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and then copy/paste the URL into one of the comment fields on the form.  This is required!

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