Net Focus Media helps brands and manufacturers to more effectively sell their products on the Amazon marketplace, as well as through their own D2C e-commerce stores. With a deep background in directly managing our own brands, our team is well-positioned to both advise and implement on all aspects of scaling e-commerce sales and margins.

Amazon Experts

With literally half of all e-commerce sales in the US, selling on Amazon is akin to fishing where the fish are. But in recent years, the number of sellers on Amazon has skyrocketed. Add to this the lack of personalized support from the platform and challenges with IP and channel conflict, and you can quickly see how managing the Amazon channel is a full-time gig. We made the strategic choice to get fully on the Amazon bandwagon several years ago and have invested both time and money accordingly. For consumers, this means you are more likely to find our products over our competitors and have a seamless end-to-end ordering experience. For consulting clients, this means our knowledge, systems and processes can help you skip the learning curve and scale sales revenue quickly.

Inbound Marketing Specialists

Our roots as marketers are firmly planted in the inbound marketing camp. In fact, our founder spent ten years running a leading search engine optimization agency prior to starting Net Focus Media. So we’re fully invested in customer-driven marketing like SEO, PPC and permission-based email marketing, all of which has an underlying base of top-quality user-focused content.