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Why Sell on Amazon?

According to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Google’s biggest competitor is Amazon, not Bing or Yahoo or even Baidu.

Does Google get more searches?  Of course!  But most of those are information-seeking.  Even for the commercial ones many are looking for services, not products.  By some estimates, Amazon gets TWICE as many searches who are looking to buy products than does Google.

Plus Amazon CONVERTS visitors to sales much better too.  If you’ve done SEO or PPC in Google for your own e-commerce website you’ll know than a 6 or 7% conversion rate is stellar.  By contrast, on Amazon it’s not uncommon to get a 20 to 30% conversion rate for a good product that is priced competitively.

Much of the above two points are a result of Amazon Prime, which some estimates suggest may have as many as 80 million members right now.  Think about that for a few minutes.  That’s not how many people use Amazon to buy, the number of total buyers is much higher.  That’s how many people specifically pay Amazon for discounted shipping and thus are incentivized to favor Amazon over non-Amazon channels.

So simply put, if you sell physical products and you aren’t selling much (or any) through Amazon, you are missing a major opportunity!  We’re not advocating Amazon over your own e-commerce site (and SEO for Google)…  we’re saying you should be doing both.

Why Hire an Amazon Consultant to Help with Selling on Amazon?

As consultants who are directly experienced with selling on Amazon, we can save you many hours of effort and help you avoid many mistakes and missed opportunities that we’ve had to discover the hard way!  Is it easy to list your products for sale on Amazon?  Yup.  Is it easy to rank well for keywords searches, get large numbers of good reviews and ramp up sales quickly on Amazon?  Nope.  Not unless you know what you’re doing.

We help companies who would rather not invest substantial time, effort and resources into becoming Amazon experts.  Instead, they just want to leverage our experience and do things right the first time.  Since we work with many different clients, we’ve seen most situations before and often know multiple solutions to any one challenge.

Want help selling via FBA and qualifying for Amazon Prime for your products?  Already selling and need help ranking better in Amazon’s search results?  Or need to get more reviews?  What about how to incorporate Amazon’s sponsored ads and/or leverage Facebook, Google AdWords and other paid media channels to send traffic to your Amazon listing?  Or maybe your listing itself needs work – if it’s your own brand – either as it relates to optimizing for search or optimizing for conversions.  Whatever your need, we can help.  We’re a full-service Amazon consulting firm that helps Amazon Sellers increase sales on this one specific, wonderful channel.

But it doesn’t stop there either.  We also handle product and pricing strategy, profitability and fulfillment calculations, and we can consult and advise you on everything post-sale such as customer service, shipping inventory to FBA and more.  In general, our service is designed to complete manage your Amazon sales channel for you.

We charge primarily on a commission basis for most projects.  This means our profitability is tied to your profitability.  Our interests are aligned!  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it sorta is!  You see, we’re super picky about who we take on as clients, to ensure that our time is spent focusing on the best partnership opportunities.  Don’t worry though, our criteria for clients we work with may be different than you think.  Boring product?  Niche space?  Perfect!  Whatever the case, contact us and we’ll schedule a free consultation to answer your questions, tell you how our program works, and then follow up with a proposal if warranted.

NEW: Vendor Express Alternative

Amazon recently announced that they are closing their Vendor Express program.  Does this put your firm in a tough situation?  If so, check out our thoughts and a possible solution here.

Who Is Behind Net Focus Media?

The company was formed originally in 2009 by Jon Payne.  At the time, Jon was running a fast-growing internet marketing agency (focusing on SEO and PPC) and he wanted a separate business entity under which to track his various “side projects” – various ideas that he became interested in, and a lot of half-started projects!  Jon made the decision to sell his SEO agency in 2013 in part as a way to free up time for these other projects.  He then went “full-time” with Net Focus Media as of the fall of 2014.

Jon quickly got bit by the “Amazon bug” when selling his own private label products and seeing the close conceptual connection between his background in SEO (ranking websites in Google) and the primary challenge with selling on Amazon (ranking your product listing page in their internal search results).  Today Jon’s primary focus is Amazon – both the products he sells directly, and the products we as an agency promote on behalf of our Amazon consulting clients.

Our firm is based in Fort Mill, SC which is a suburb of Charlotte, NC.  Want to read our full story?  Click here.  Not interested in Amazon but rather looking for a Charlotte SEO company?  Just click here and we’ll consider your specific needs and refer you to a couple of firms we think are an ideal match for your business.