Which Charlotte SEO Firm Should You Hire?

Are you looking to hire an SEO agency in Charlotte, NC?  Well if so, please speak with us first.  But maybe not for the reason you might expect…

You see, we don’t sell SEO services.

Seriously.  We won’t sell you SEO services no matter how much you beg!  Sorry, but we’re under a non-compete agreement at the moment.  But don’t worry, I promise we aren’t wasting your time!

My name is Jon Payne and I can help you find a local Charlotte SEO company to hire as I’m VERY well connected in this space.  You see, I previously spent 10+ years running a top local Charlotte SEO firm (Ephricon) before selling that agency in 2013.  I grew my search engine optimization company from scratch to about 15 employees managing over 60 client accounts.  And I was also friendly with our competitors and networked with most every SEO professional in the Charlotte region.  So as someone who has now been in this space for more than 12 years and knows pretty much every freelancer and agency in the Queen City, I’m in the very unique position of being able to recommend local SEO consultants to you without having any conflict of interest.

What’s more, I’ll consider your needs, goals, company culture, etc. and recommend a consultant or agency that we feel not only does superior work but is also a great “fit” for your situation.  Whether your needs are more technical in nature, or content-focused, or perhaps what your website needs is greater authority from inbound links.  Whatever the case, I’ll listen to your needs, review your site, and then recommend a firm that is the best match for your situation.

Why?  What’s in it for me?  Well simply put, I enjoy playing matchmaker.  I’m good friends with most of the locals in this industry and while running my last firm I saw too many instances of companies getting ripped off or just hiring the wrong firm for their needs.  So I’m happy to take a few minutes to help ensure that doesn’t happen for you.  Plus, since I refer clients to many of the local agencies, I almost never have to pay for my own lunch when out and about!  🙂